Episode 32

The Art of Giving with Graham Cullis

Hosts: Ollie and Jon

Guest: Graham Cullis, Founder of the #karmacardproject


Join hosts Ollie and Jon as they sit down with Graham Cullis, the passionate founder of the #karmacardproject, a movement dedicated to raising awareness for mental health through art and collaboration. Graham shares his inspiring journey of leaving his 9-5 job to pursue his passion for helping people with their mental health. Through interviews and collaborations with artists and charities, Graham spreads positivity and creativity while offering holistic methods for managing mental health. Tune in to hear about his globe-trotting adventures, his unique projects, and his mission to touch as many lives as possible through art.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to Graham Cullis:Graham introduces himself as the founder of the #karmacardproject.
  • He discusses his background and his decision to leave his 9-5 job to pursue his passion for helping people with mental health.
  • Mission of the Karma Card Project:Graham explains that the project aims to raise awareness for mental health through interviews and collaborations with artists and charities.
  • He highlights the importance of spreading positivity and creativity as tools for healing.
  • Globe-Trotting Adventures:Graham shares stories of his travels around the world, painting and collaborating with amazing people.
  • He mentions projects he's initiated, such as art therapy, support groups, and cold water therapy through sea swimming.
  • Giving Away Artwork for Free:Graham discusses his decision to give away his artwork for free, aiming to connect with more people and spread his messages of positivity and creativity.
  • He hopes that by sharing his art, he can make a positive impact on people's lives and possibly lead to future collaborations or purchases.
  • Graham expresses his desire to make a great first impression through his art and encourages listeners to try his artwork for free.
  • He invites them to connect with him and join the movement to raise awareness for mental health through art and collaboration.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

This podcast episode offers a glimpse into Graham's inspiring journey and his mission to make a positive impact on the world through art and advocacy for mental health awareness. Join us as we explore the power of creativity and collaboration in making a difference.

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